Marcelo Geffen 

Neuroscience and Brain Health Specialist

Marcelo’s journey in the study of the human mind and brain started at an incredibly young age, when he first went to a summer youth camp designed to immerse young students in Science. Although he was only 6 at the time, Marcelo began keeping a notebook detailing all that he had seen during his summer camp, complete with diagrams, conclusions, and ideas for how this could be used to change and improve people’s lives. This experimental and research-based approach to helping others along with Neuroscience is what Marcelo is known for throughout the health community. His expertise continues to be sought in critical cases.

Marcelo specializes in Neuroscience, Brain Computer Interface (BCI) and Neuro rehabilitation. He has an in-depth knowledge of Neuroscience and the Human Mind, and has been practicing in Las Vegas, Nevada for 15 years. He uses his knowledge and his clinic to harness the power of neuroscience and BCI to help change lives.

Marcelo utilizes Neurofeedback treatments to ease symptoms of: trauma, sleep disorders, ADHD, depression, addiction, and improve to business and athletic performance.

Marcelo is the founder of VR Health Clinic in Las Vegas, which is one of the first clinics in the world to use Virtual Reality Technology (Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy) and Neuro rehabilitation, with an amazing rate of patient rehabilitation and success.

Marcelo leads a dedicated team of neuroscientists, psychologists, and brain-computer interface experts, all of whom are united by their passion for utilizing science and technology to improve lives.