Susan Morgan

Susan Morgan is the creator of Dreamscape. 

She is inspired to help more people understand the links between higher states of consciousness, ET Contact, and the variety of natural options open to all people for greater awareness.  


Susan is a published author whose newest book is John Lear The Truth; Can You Handle It?

Her books also include: The Power of Dreams; Dream Tools to Navigate Life and Death and Continuing On; A Primer in Interdimensionality.

Susan is currently wrapping up her newest book : Inexplicable which is due out in late 2023, which focuses on her incredible journey of interstellar contact.


  Susan is a dynamic Speaker and Workshop Leader with 20 years experience leading consciousness empowerment classes and workshops nationally. She has spoken on topics ranging from Dreamwork to Consciousness at numerous venues that include MIT, Boston University, University of New Hampshire, Connecticut College and more.

Susan Morgan retired  the physical store Mystic Dream in Henderson (Las Vegas), a metaphysical store and meditation studio and now offers everything virtually.

She is a respected Psychic Trance Medium. 

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